Synthesize workflow

The aim of this workflow is Freedom.
The freedom of designing free-forms and organic, fluid Architectural forms.
It's true that Revit can design it, but let's face it, when it comes to Fluidity, it's trickier to achieve them in Revit without incorporating a lot of formulas and a lot of calculations.

But this is where the help of other tools can come in handy. Using Fusion 360's T-Spline environment can be valuable in these situations.

This workflow explains how to properly link Fusion 360's forms with Revit.

In addition, the infamous Voronoi pattern is pretty difficult to achieve using Dynamo's out-of-the-box nodes,
I'm sharing with you a workflow that contains a custom-made package (Synthesize toolkit) to help achieve the great results.

The complete article itslef :

Please refer to some samples below, each example completed within 10 minutes.


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